What do you suppose is the body’s most essential nutrient?  Is it food? Proteins, fats, carbs? Maybe water?

It is oxygen!  If you don’t think that’s true try going the whole day without breathing. You can go days without food, weeks without water, but only minutes without oxygen!

Ozone can be thought of as supercharged oxygen. Or activated oxygen. It elicits oxidative stress in the body. A very popular way to achieve oxidative stress is exercise. Utilizing exercise is a primary source of your recovery here at Summit and Ozone therapy will assist in your recovery as well. 

There are some important differences between the use of ozone in industrial and medical applications.

Industrial grade ozone utilizes an impure form of ozone.  This is largely because they use ambient air which has an oxygen content of 21%.  This produces a gas mixture that is not purely a mixture of oxygen and ozone.  In addition, industrial ozone generators do not use materials that are 100% resistant to ozone and consequently break down to produce contaminants in the gas.

Medical-grade ozone gas is exclusively an ozone-oxygen mixture.  To create this we use, an oxygen tank of 99.9% oxygen that is connected to a medical-grade ozone generator, using 100% ozone resistant materials.  It produces a gas mixture that is about 2 - 5% ozone gas and 95 - 98% oxygen. This can then be used to inject into the body via intramuscular (tendon) or subcutaneous methods.

In the state of UT, we do not inject directly into joints. Injections here at Summit are performed via Ultra-Sound guidance via Butterfly IQ.