We offer a variety of lab tests to help identify nutrient deficiencies, improve health, understand gut function, and individualize nutrition and fitness programs.

Included, but not limited to are labs most frequently used:
Micronutrient Analysis
Adrenal Stress & Function Testing
Comprehensive GI Analysis
Genetic Testing
(for Nutrition, Fitness, & Behavior recommendations)
"I have been using holistic medicine in one form or another for over 20 years, though never a naturopath.

My sessions with Dr. Zinkov have proven to be most beneficial.  Within days of starting her recommended changes and prescriptions, I began experiencing relief from my gut issues and bloating. Dr. Zinkov was attentive, a great listener and hung in there with me until all my questions were addressed.  Additionally, her explanations as to how the body works and why certain changes have not worked in the past was instructive. I highly recommend her."

-Doug. B