What is Chiropractic Care?

Let's be real here....joints don't really go out of place and discs don't slip out of place! 

We are more than happy to discuss this with you and help you understand the actual mechanisms of why "something feels out of place."   We pay attention to and follow the research related to this closely.  The adjustment in most conditions is safe and appropriate to help muscles relax via a quick stretch reflex and the joint move within its normal range of motion.  This is an opportunity as input to the Nervous system for you to do your rehab and help yourself get better. Move better and Live better and know that it takes effort to get better. You can do this and we'll help you along the way.

Manual adjustments (Diversified), Flexion-Distraction, Drop Table, and even Activator are used at Summit if needed for your condition. Manual Therapy via soft tissue work and other modalities are available to support and enhance your treatment effects. Your greatest gains will be through your rehab and providing the strength and mobility to your body to aid its recovery. 

Pain is complex and multifactorial!  Your pain in any area of the body can be related to what we call the Biopsychosocial approach - Stress, social support, physical activity, chemical, environmental etc.  Our advice to you within our scope of Chiropractic will address this in all aspects. We pride ourselves on being Evidence-Based and not your traditional Chiropractor.

No unnecessary images here for X-rays or MRIs!  We'll look at what you have if you already have it, but again we'll discuss current research and teach you how to work with what you are currently dealing with to get better. We only order images if necessary after sufficient care or the exam performed warrants based on the research. 

At Summit Sports and Spine, we personalize your care to help restore and maintain normal joint, muscle, and nervous system function. Improving function is the key to long-term pain relief; failure to restore function means any pain relief is temporary and increases the risk of chronic pain.  If we can't do this we will refer and collaborate with MD, DO, PT, TMJ Specialists etc. 

A more typical explanation from my peers would be that:  Chiropractors use controlled forces—called adjustments—when the body is unable to overcome restrictions around joints. Such restrictions include muscle spasms, swelling (inflammation), scar tissue (supposed), and pain. Prior to an adjustment, a thorough exam is performed. This examination identifies restricted joints, whether or not they are painful or not. Adjustments specifically applied to these joints can restore motion when the body’s own muscles cannot. Adjustments help relieve pain as well as restore and maintain normal movement, biomechanics, and function.

What does it do?

The controlled force of an adjustment safely generates the energy needed to overcome such restrictions and takes a joint back to its normal, full range of motion. Our taping and functional rehabilitation programs are used to further prolong the benefits of our chiropractic programs. Patient participation at home via corrective exercise helps to reduce treatment needs by strengthening weak or injured areas. Therapeutic taping methods are designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. We primarily use Rocktape or Dynamic Tape for this, but are also certified and have used Kinesiotaping, and SpiderTech.  We also utilize rigid athletic tape or Leukotape.

The number of visits a patient will need for a complete treatment plan varies greatly, depending on the problem, age, and health of the individual. At Summit Sports and Spine, we cater our treatment program to the individual’s goals. Once the treatment plan is completed, the patient can make the choice to continue with a preventive maintenance program or discontinue care. Chiropractic preventive maintenance helps maintain good health, much like going to the dentist regularly prevents cavities.  We Empower you by teaching you about your condition, help you Recover via treatment and your participation via exercises and rehab, and this enables you Perform in all aspects you wish in your life.

Most athletes optimize their health for better performance by using some form of regular chiropractic care. We specialize in optimizing athletic biomechanics by using SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) to identify areas of dysfunction before they become systematic.